Our latest addition to the range is the Golf Greensmower 12-blade professional fine turf mower.

With a choice of  cutting widths of 20″ or 25″ it features a dual drive system, low-cutshaver blade, turf brush and wiehle front roller as standard. Quick-change”CLICK” cutting height adjusters are now standard equipment.

Specifically designed for golf courses, this machine is also suitable for cricket squares and pitches and bowling greens.

£3,400 – £3,600 + VAT (currently to special order only)
2 year warranty


The Golf Teesmower is identical to the Golf Greensmower but comes with a 9-blade cylinder, smooth steel front roller and non-slip rubberised rear roller as standard.

Ideal for cricket squares & wickets as well as tees and surrounds.

Available in 25″ cutting width only.

£3,600 + VAT (currently to special order only)
2 year warranty


The8-blade Heavy Duty (HD) mower will withstand constant hard use as required by contractors and local authorities whilst providing a highly accurate cutting performance. This makes it suitable for a range of applications such as parks, gardens, cricket squares and sports fields.

Available in 24″, 30″ and 36″ cutting widths.

A range of options such as sulky seat and alternative bolt-in reels are also available.

£5,500 – £7,100 + VAT
2 year warranty


Built on a lighter-weight chassis to minimise ground compaction, the 12-bladed Greensmower (G) is our best selling fine turf mower and is suitable for bowls clubs, golf greens and tees, cricket wickets and squares, tennis courts and croquet lawns.

Despite its low price tag the build quality and cut quality are nothing short of outstanding. Independent trials have shown no competing brand regardlessof price cuts better! Now equipped with stainless steel precision cutter adjusters and high-flow clipping collection.

Available in 20″ and 25″ cutting widths.

£2,800 – £3,000 + VAT
2 year warranty


Based on the same chassis as the Greensmower (G) model, the SI machine comes with a choice of 6- or 9-blade cylinders making it ideal for golf tees, surrounds and approaches, cricket squares and quality lawns.

Available in 20″ and 25″ cutting widths.

£2,400 – £2,600 + VAT
2 year warranty


Based on the Greensmower SI chassis the Protea Groomer efficiently removes surface thatch and cuts lateral growth, thereby promoting a healthy and fast green.

Ideal for professional and domestic users, this machine has received fantastic feedback from satisfied customers and has been a big seller since its launch in 2007. Available in 20″ and 25″ widths.

£2,500 – £2,700 +VAT
2 year warranty


This extremely robust contractor-quality multi-reel Scarifier uses a range of four quick-change bolt-in grooming, verticutting and scarifying reels.

Available in 19″ width and fitted with the offset scarifying reel as standard. Suitable for customers requiring one machine to perform numerous turf maintenance jobs.

£1,950 + VAT
2  year warranty

All Protea machines are fitted with specially designed anti-vibration handle mounts which reduce transmitted vibration to the lowest level possible, enabling extended periods of use. Laboratory test results are shown in the specification pages in the brochures.

All machines are powered by Honda GX engines for the best reliability and performance.

Our range of options allows for more versatility and customisation, and spares are available on next-day delivery at low prices. Please refer to brochures for more information.

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