Protea Greensmower
~ Options & Specifications ~

Optional equipment for the Greensmowers includes a wheeled transport cradle which simply slots underneath the rear roller. It allows the machine to be manoeuvred effortlessly across longer distances and protects the undercarriage from possible damage when moving across hard surfaces.

For those users who prefer a mower to be driven under its own power without the cutting cylinder rotating then dual drive versions of the 510G and 630S are available. By simply moving the control lever from “cut” to “drive” the cylinder is disengaged and the rear rollers can be driven separately to move the mower to the required location. Moving the lever back to “cut” restores drive to the cylinder. Both of these lever positions are locked by a positive “click”.

For those customers who wish to change cutting height quickly and accurately without the need to use a setting gauge, we offer the “G” mowers with dual “click” type adjusters. One complete turn alters the height by 1mm with four clicks per full turn.

Wheeled transport cradle

Dual drive engagement system – 510G or 630S only

Dual “click” type height of cut adjusters – “G” models only

510G showing the optional “wiehle” front roller and height  adjustable/removeable nylon filament brush strip (“G” models)

An optional “wiehle” grooved front roller is available on all Greensmowers. This minimises turf flattening and resists worm cast pickup thereby aiding the most accurate cut possible. It is height-adjustable and removable and can be fitted by the user quickly and easily.

The transport cradle and grooved “wiehle” front roller can be ordered at any time as separate accessories. However, the dual drive system and “click” type adjusters are original factory-built specifications and cannot be retro-fitted to an existing machine.

For all applications where the Greensmowers are suitable, users should also consider the Groomer-Verticutter described in this brochure. Most of the routine maintenance work on a green is performed by these two machines working as perfect partners, with the pair costing far below the price of any equivalent cassette machines on the market.

Customer support for all PROTEA machines includes a comprehensive 2-year parts and labour warranty, next-day spares service and expert telephone technical assistance throughout the life of the machines.

“G” Model Features

  • 12-blade cutting cylinder
  • Single drive standard, optional dual drive on 20″ 510G
  • Dual continuous cutting height adjusters standard
  • Optional “click” cutting height adjusters – 0.25mm per click
  • Close filament nylon brush strip

“S” Model Features

  • Choice of 6- or 9-blade cutting cylinders
  • Single drive standard, optional dual-drive on 25″ 630S
  • Single continuous “quick-change” cutting height adjuster

“G” and “S” Model shared Features

  • 20″ 510mm or 25″ 630mm cutting widths
  • Honda GX160 5.5hp engine
  • Shaver bottom blade
  • Front and rear roller scrapers to prevent soil pickup
  • Short wheelbase reduces the risk of scalping or bridging
  • Low ground pressure minimizes compaction problems
  • Adjustable rear roller for perfect alignment
  • Smooth steel two-section rear roller
  • Robust powdercoat paint finish
  • Anti-vibration mounts and non-tiring comfort controls
  • High quality durable steel grassbox
  • Folding handles for easy transportation
  • Optional wheeled transport cradle
  • Optional grooved “wiehle” front roller
  • Optional grooming/verticutting reel (not available on Duals)
  • Optional sweeper reel (not available on Duals)

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