We have been so pleased with the feedback we’ve received so far, we thought it only fitting to share some of the comments with you:

In a blind test against several big brand mowers, greenkeepers “could not tell the difference in cut” between the Protea 510G and machines upto 5 times its price! Now that’s impressive!!

– “All received and working – first cut completed – this is an excellent machine – never used a mower so easy before, easily outperforms the Ran***** I had borrowed from the golf club. Many thanks” – email from private customer with putting green, Northern Ireland

“I swear by this machine!” – customer commenting on his Dedicated Groomer at Saltex 2009

“Best machine I’ve ever owned.” – customer commenting on his SVG Scarifier-Verticutter-Groomer

“May I say that the machine & service are out of this world. Thank you so very much.” – letter received 5/8/09. Customer recently bought a 510G having already owned a 630 Groomer for some considerable time.

“The Club is delighted with the machine and the results are very encouraging i.e. The Club is top of the League in both divisions on a Saturday.” – Cricket Club, North Yorkshire

“I have managed to speak to 4 of the people that have your mowers, they are all very happy with the performance of your machines and would recommend purchasing them.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, North London

“…already after only one operation [of the Dedicated Groomer/Dethacher], the difference in the Green was marked. It was noticeably faster, with no sign of detriment to the surface.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, West Midlands

“The mower is just great – easy to operate and a delight to use. It’s made a huge difference to the standard of wicket.” – Groundsman, Cricket Club, Buckinghamshire 

“First rate, both machines [Groomer and Greensmower]. Couldn’t fault them! We looked for economies and couldn’t find any!” – Greenkeeper, Bowling Green, Yorkshire

“We’re getting on fine. It’s done a very, very good job [on the green]. It’s absolutely perfect!” – Greenkeeper, Golf Course, Doncaster

“Very good cut and the brush strip works a treat.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, Worcestershire

“I was massively impressed with the 36″ machine.” – Contractor, Berkshire

“We’re absolutely over the moon [with our 630G]! The Greenkeeper hasn’t stopped grinning!” – Bowls Club, Kent

“I have now seen a x760 performing – and it performed well – but overall I was more impressed with the Protea.” – Private user, Essex

“Every bowls club should have one of these!” – comment during a mass demonstration, Warwickshire

“Absolutely delighted. It’s performing very well and I’m happy you use us for future recommendations.” – Council, Cornwall

Both machines are performing well [and there is] a marked improvement to texture of the sward.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, Essex

“What a great mower! The cut is lovely. I’m so glad I bought it. So much better than the xxx [competing brand].” – Private user, North Wales

“Excellent! Very impressed. The [wicket] standard has increased dramatically since we starting using the [Protea] mower! I like the quietness, its simplicity to operate and it’s exceptionally easy to start.” – Groundsman, Cricket Club, Lincolnshire

“Awesome! Delighted with both our Greensmowers.” – Greenkeeper, Golf course, Derbyshire

“Absolutely brilliant! The cut is absolutely superb. I can’t believe the price and the quality, and it’s so easy to use.” – Bowls Club, Inverness

“We were very impressed with the machines and the commitment shown…. We are currently considering what we do for next season, and we will strongly consider Protea in our plans.” – Grounds Manager, Private school, Berkshire

“The Groomer [Dethatcher] is brilliant – it fetches a lot of rubbish out. The mower is excellent, faultless in fact. [Since we’ve been using Protea equipment] the green has improved no end and lots of people have commented on it.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, Nottinghamshire

“It’s a good piece of kit. I have high standards. I expected a good machine and that’s what I got. The Groundsmen are enjoying using it. I would definitely recommend you and I’ve already mentioned you to several people.” – Cricket Club, Essex

“I can’t fault any aspect of the machine and we’re very happy with it. It’s very comfortable to use and there’s no vibration. We’ve noticed an improvement in the green, it’s doing a fantastic job.” – Bowls Club, Cambridge

“Excellent! We like all aspects of the machine. The machine came highly recommended to us by the Greenkeeper of xxx.” – Driving range, Essex

“We’ve seen your machines and think you’ve got a fantastic product.” – Dealer selling a competing brand, East Anglia

“I was very impressed with the quality!” – Contractor, Oxford

“Even though it’s a very competitive market you should go far. It’s a good bit of kit [760HD & 630G] and the Groundsmen really liked it. Very impressed.” – School, Northamptonshire

“We’re getting on brilliantly! I like the easy handling. It’s cutting lovely, much better than the xxx [competing brand], and it’s fast!” – Bowls Club, Suffolk

“Pricewise no-one can touch you and it’s a good machine. I like the easy adjustments, the engine is good with lots of power. It cuts well and I like the uncomplicated safety switches.” – Head Groundsman, Private School, Kent

“You can’t fail with these products.” – Dealer stocking a competing brand

“You are capable of destroying the secondhand market with these prices.” – Machinery dealer, midlands based

“It’s a nice little product [the 510G] and you’ll do very well with it!” – Groundsman, Cricket club, Hertfordshire

“I have to say you are really looking after us and I genuinely mean that.” – Stocking dealer

“I’m certainly impressed with the machines. I think I’d be mad not to go ahead.” – Dealer stocking a competing brand

“We’re delighted! It’s a very good strong mower with simple controls and start up. Excellent service too and we have already recommended you.” – Bowls Club, Coventry

“First class! It’s a wonderful mower, very rugged and we’re getting on very well with it.” – Groundsman, Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire

“It is perfoming very well. I am very pleased with the new purchase and wish you well with your aims for distribution of the Protea Mower.” – Private user, Croydon

“It’s a good bit of kit!” – Lecturer, midlands based college

“We’re getting on famously with it [510G]! We highly recommend it.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, Cornwall

“I had a demo of a Protea on Wednesday, Very very impressed with them, well worth considering if you are in the market for a new mower.” – Head of Grounds & Gardens, Private School, London

“It cuts nicely, it’s easy to manoeuvre, vibration is low and it’s much quieter than the [competing brand] we had.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, Bedfordshire

“It’s robust, simple to maintain, well made and solid. We’re pleased.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, Nottinghamshire

“First class service, first class machine!” – Teaching Professional/Greenkeeper, Golf Range, Essex

“The machine is great! Many thanks!”Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, London

“A robust and easy to use mower. Quality of cut is very good. We’re very happy with it!” – Cricket club, Cambridgeshire

“Very, very impressed! – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, Cumbria

“We are delighted with mower!!” – Letter of thanks, Bowls Club, Surrey

“For the money it’s an excellent piece of kit… the cut was fantastic. I was impressed.” – Head Greenkeeper, Scottish Golf Course

“Our Groundsman is very pleased with the machine given the very difficult conditions it has had to work in.” – Treasurer, Cricket Club, Surrey

“Very impressed.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, Cornwall

“The machine [630 Groomer] is great. Many thanks.” – Greenkeeper, Bowls Club, London

“I like the brand and I have been impressed with the responsiveness and enthusiasm of your company.” – Private user, Kent

“It’s doing a good job [on the wicket]. The cut is good and it’s quiet.” – Groundsman, Cricket club, Nottinghamshire

“I was very impressed with the machines and so were my staff, (which is a change, they normally only find faults with the machines we have on demo)” – Head Groundsman, Private School

“The cut is the best I’ve seen. It’s light and easy to use, it’s quiet and looks good. We’re over the moon!” – Bowls club, Worcestershire

“Have just had a trial by Rivendell of the Protea 630G. So impressed we purchased it.” Unfortunately an anonymous posting on a website

“May I say that it has been a pleasure doing business with your company… I wish that all the companies that I deal with were as good as Rivendell Projects Limited.– Treasurer, Bowling Club, Harrogate, via letter 3/6/07

“Just had to put a note on about the outstanding customer service from Rivendell (Protea mowers), we currently have a 36” Allett and a Ransomes 180 triple mower both of which are over 25 years old. Over the last couple of seasons we have spent huge amounts of money in trying to keep them up and running, the final straw came last Friday when the Allett broke down for the 3rd time this season and with the Ransomes already out of commission we were into a nightmare scenario. So first thing Monday morning I’m on the phone to Rivendell and speak to Keith and realising our predicament, he changes his appointments so that he can bring a machine down on Tuesday afternoon to Surrey for us to demo for a week!!! With the outfield cut last night for the first time with his 914HD machine it looks better than it has in years, so hopefully by the time the committee meet early next week they will be rubber stamping its purchase. So well done to Keith and Victoria, if the machine is half as good as your customer service then we have a winner!!!” – Cricket Club, posted on www.pitchcare.com

– In our ongoing Customer Satisfaction Survey, EVERY customer said they would recommend us!

And the funniest quotes:

“At these prices we thought they’d be made out of cardboard!” Groundsman’s comment during a demonstration.

“It’s built like a brick sh*t house!!!” Groundsman’s opinion of the 760HD.

“It’s like pushing a baby!” Greenkeeper describing the easy handling of the 510G.