Protea Greensmowers Details

~ “G” models for bowling greens, golf greens and cricket wickets ~

~ “S” models for cricket squares, golf tees, tennis courts, croquet lawns and formal lawns ~

Protea Greensmowers range are professional quality precision mowers designed to cut fine turf playing surfaces and high-quality lawns to the highest standards possible. Depending on your application we have developed the “G” or “S” models to excel in their areas of expertise.

The “G” range mowers are 12-bladed machines and fine-tuned to give the most accurate cut on competition greens, cricket wickets and other high-quality low-cut turf. You will not find any other machine in this sector providing a better cut regardless of price. The “S” model was a natural evolution of the “G” model, combining its engine, drive system and chassis with a choice of 6- or 9-blade cylinder and a convenient and simple single cutting height adjuster.

Both “G” and “S” models are available in 20-inch (510mm) and 25-inch (630mm) cutting widths and are fitted with the latest Honda GX160 5.5hp engine. Much research went into producing a machine that not only cut superbly, but was beautifully balanced to make handling feel effortless. The smooth steel rear rollers are adjustable for level to ensure perfect alignment throughout the life of the machine. Front and rear roller scrapers which are removable, clean any debris such as worm casts, and a low-cut “shaver” bottom blade is fitted as standard on all models.

“G” models are designed for the most exacting surfaces and feature a hard-wearing height-adjustable and removable nylon filament brush strip ahead of the front roller to stand up the grass ahead of the cutter. Accurate dual continuous cutting height adjusters are standard with quick-change “click” type adjusters available as an option.

510G 20-inch, 12-blade Greensmower with front roller scraper and optional dual “click” type cutting height adjusters

“S” models are almost identical to the “G” models, still with an emphasis on fine turf applications but with the ability to cut a wider range of grasses from cricket squares and tennis courts to high-quality domestic lawns.
“S” models differ from the “G” models as follows: wider blade spacing for cutting coarser grasses, height of cut is adjusted by a single continuous handwheel adjuster in place of the dual adjusters of the “G”, and the brush strip is omitted.

510S 20-inch, 9-blade Greensmower with single continuous cutting height adjusters and brush strip omitted

Protea have combined excellent engineering quality with ideal weight and balance for comfort and convenience in operation. Electrical interlocks allow the grassbox to be emptied safely without stopping the engine. The drive clutch can be operated with light pressure on the lever and allows “inching” in tight turns. The short wheelbase follows contours accurately therefore reducing the risk of scalping or bridging, and the open-frame design allows for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

A range of options are available to further customise each machine according to individual preferences, with customer testimonials and cutting trials repeatedly showing that Protea machines perform as well as any competing brands in the professional market.