Protea Groomer – Options & Specifications

~ For routine maintenance & improvement of all grass surfaces ~

The accumulation of thatch on any grass surface is a major cause of poor grass condition. Dead and dying matter starves the plant of nutrients, creates a spongy, slow playing surface and allows disease to develop. Using the PROTEA Groomer throughout the growing season is the most effective means of reducing thatch build-up and discouraging lateral growth, allowing a healthy and fast green to thrive.

The Groomer produces truly outstanding results as our testimonials show. No other machine on the market offers the same performance at a price even close to that of the PROTEA. It is fully self-propelled collecting debris into the steel grassbox, leaving a clean surface on which play can continue immediately without the need to mow again. Results can be seen and felt immediately in improved green speed. Regular grooming also allows the mowing height to be raised with no adverse effect on green speed.

Based on the Greensmower range, the Groomer shares the same reliable Honda GX160 5.5hp engine, chassis, controls, grassbox and simplified single handwheel “quick-change” height adjustment as the Greensmower “S” model. Should your circumstances change, or you simply want to have a fine turf mower in reserve, we can provide a 6- or 9-blade mower conversion kit for those “just-in-case” moments. Please refer to the Greensmower section of this website for further information.

Model 510 Groomer
Thatch, cut laterals and surface debris collected
Closely spaced 13-tip Groomer blades

The closely spaced 13-tipped spring steel blades rotate at high speed, cutting and discouraging lateral growth, cleaning the plant from the crown upwards whilst collecting thatch and debris into the grassbox.

The Groomer is also perfect for remedial work to remove dead moss, weeds and surface litter making it ideal for use on all grass surfaces from competition greens to domestic lawns, and for collecting scarification debris during Autumn renovations. The blades are hard wearing and when replacement blades are finally required they can be supplied individually or as a complete reel.

Like the Greensmowers, a wheeled transport cradle is available for convenience and protection of the underside from hard surfaces during transportation. A grooved “wiehle” front roller can be fitted as can a brushing reel for sweeping. Handles are foldable for ease of storage and transportation and the open frame chassis design makes cleaning and maintenance fast and easy. Warranty is as all our machines; 2-year comprehensive parts and labour with full expert technical support throughout the life of the machine.

Grooming in combination with mowing form the two most important tasks in turf care, which if done regularly make all the difference to improving green quality.

Purchasing the Groomer and Greensmower together is a superior solution to any cassette based system on the market; not only are our two machines together still far cheaper than any singular cassette installation, but our dedicated machine solution means each machine doing the very job it was specifically designed to do, performing each task to its optimum capability with no compromises.

It means each machine working half as hard and with half the wear and tear of an equivalent cassette unit, and finally two dedicated machines working in tandem allows one operative to be grooming whilst another follows with the mower. The PROTEA Groomer and Greensmower are “Perfect Partners”, two excellent machines complementing each other.

Model Features

  • Available in 20” 510mm or 25” 630mm widths
  • Fully self-propelled with Honda GX160 5.5hp engine
  • High quality steel grassbox
  • 510 Groomer with 39 blades, 630 Groomer with 50 blades
  • Easy-change single-wheel height adjustment
  • Adjustable rear roller for perfect alignment
  • Smooth steel two-section rear roller
  • Robust powdercoat paint finish
  • Anti-vibration mounts with comfortable non-tiring controls
  • Folding handles for easy transportation
  • Optional nylon sweeping reel
  • Optional wheeled transport cradle
  • Optional grooved “wiehle” front roller
  • Optional 9- or 6- blade mower conversion kit

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